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About PowerBTC

PowerBTC is an easy-to-use bitcoin selling platform that enables people from different countries to exchange bitcoins into US dollars. Headquartered in New York, USA, our company has over 18 employees who ensure that the clients are able to make smooth, hassle-free transactions, and that their money is transferred to their bank or PayPal accounts within 48 hours.

We cater to users from several countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Austria, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand. We aim to provide straightforward, secure, and reliable service to individuals and organizations alike to promote the trend of investing and gaining profits from exchanging bitcoins.

With PowerBTC, you can receive more return on your investment by selling bitcoins at a higher price. We provide unmatched exchange rates that are 10 percent higher than the market value.

How We offer more Value

The unique selling point of PowerBTC is to offer higher exchange rates than the market value that makes our users wonder how we make profit after giving such a high exchange value. Well, the secret is that we resell the bitcoins bought from the customers to the Middle Eastern market. By doing so, we are able to make bitcoin available to our customers at a better price. We work hard to make sure that there are no delays in money transfers and transactions are completed as quickly as possible.

The PowerBTC Difference

With PowerBTC, exchanging bitcoins has never been easier. Unlike traditional bitcoin trading websites, users can enjoy our quick and hassle-free process of converting bitcoins into US dollars. We pride ourselves in being market savvy, and what make us standout from the competition are our fast, reliable service and the unprecedented market value for bitcoins.

In addition, the whole exchange process is quite simple as you don't have to fill long forms or sign up on our website. All you have to do is enter the number of bitcoins you want to exchange, and provide us with your email address, and your bank, PayPal, or Western Union account information to transfer the money.

We also have more than 55 bitcoin ATMs that are installed in some of the major countries, including the United States, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Australia, and several others. With our ATMs, people can easily and instantly exchange bitcoins on the go.

Our Mission

At PowerBTC, our mission is to make this form of internet economy available within everyone's reach. We think that bitcoin will soon become a major financial driver and change how the financial system will work several years from today. That is why we emphasize on creating awareness and promoting the use of bitcoin transactions among individual users and online communities.

We offer such unbelievable exchange rates because we want to encourage people to consider investing in bitcoins and discover the many possibilities and benefits that they can leverage from. It is also our way to help bitcoin community grow.

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